The Signal Box

John Hinson has an excellent signal box site with more about the history of St Albans South plus links to a wide range of other signalling-related web sites. As at April 2020 the site was restarted in a new format, and is still being worked on, So the site may not have all of the content listed here, which includes signals, block system, branch lines (articles on signalling), photo gallery, museums & pubs with signalling items, railway companies & contractors, track layouts, notes on latest magazines, signalman's bookshelf, lever frames, exchange sidings (buying and selling), signal links and 'The Blower', a signalling-related discussion forum.

Please note that the previous "signalling overseas" pages are no longer available.

Signalling Record Society

If you have a question about signalling, signalling equipment, or signal boxes, try the Signalling Record society. Site includes: Calendar, news, about, research, archives, enquiries, publications, drawings, bookstall, photographs, contacts, links.

Adrian the Rock - British Railway Signalling

Personal web site with section on Bitish Railway Signalling. Extensive index of photos of railways, signals and station buildings. Includes pictures of St Albans South taken in 2011 which make an interesting comparison with the box and garden as they are now.

Rail Signs and Signals of Great Britain

Contains a great deal of useful information on railway signs and signalling, past and present.

Signalling Notices

A site organised by Danny Scroggins and others to list information on, and copies of, Signalling Notices; these detail changes to signalling and track arrangements and cover from pre-1923 Grouping to the present day, inclusive of preserved railways. There is also information on signal boxes which is being developed.

Derby Signalling Website

Set up by Dave Harris, he set himself the task to research and detail the mechanical signalling within the area of Derby powerbox. He extended his 'patch' to include the North Staffordshire Railway line as far as Uttoxeter as this is still manually signalled. The area also includes lines which didn't survive long enough to see power signalling, notably the GNR Derbyshire extension, the Butterley branch and the brewery railways of Burton on Trent - with all the crossings which once dominated the town.

He has identified over 250 different signal box locations within this comparatively small area. Thanks mainly to the Midland Railway's policy of building small boxes and replacing them with bigger structures when required, many of the sites had up to four different boxes on them over the years. It is his objective to sort out the data concerning these boxes.

Photos. Signalling

A remarkable collection of thousands of photos of signal boxes - both exterior and interior, including many boxes now closed and gone, and also some in preservation. The latter includes some pictures of our box taken in 2013.