NEWS 2012 - to winter

22nd - Union of South Africa at St. Albans

Bringing life to a very grey and wet winter morning in St Albans, 60009 Union of South Africa hauled the Christmas Yorkshireman from London Victoria to York on 22nd. December 2012



See the video shot by 'muligwr' on u-tube at

15th - "Making Tracks"

We were invited to put on a display at this exhibition at St Saviour's Church in Hitchen. Courtesy of a visitor, Mr J Scott, we are able to bring you a couple of views of our display. Right Tony Furse gives a green light, far right a close-up of the far part of the display.


Heritage Open Days 8/9th

Right is the view that greeted our visitors - note one of our new T-shirts on the left!

Far Right our members tell some of our visitors how the box used to work.

Right The new Midland Railway signal was completed just in time to take people's attention at the end of the garden.

Far Right The signal arm in close-up lowered to the 'OFF' or 'Clear' position. The arm is new, but the rest of the signal has been put together from items obtained from several sources. (See below under August for how the signal was put up.)

Right For the first time members of the North London Society of Model Engineers exhibited some of their models, although they weren't steaming, alas!

Yet again the District Council did not circulate the booklet on the attractions, neither, despite protests last year, were we part of the 'Giant Monopoly Game' round the city, so as happened last year our visitor numbers were around the 300 mark.


Right But in the carpark outside the box we had a miniature traction engine in steam.


At last a few things we can show you!

Right - Repainting of the exterior has got underway at the South end of the box, which gets the worst exposure to sun and rain.

Far Right - the North end of the garden showing how the sun and rain has encouraged plant growth. Also visible 'newly planted' is the post for our new Midland Railway signal - see below.


How the post was 'planted' by the Wednesday afternoon crew and others.
Right: the post is carried along the path.
Far Right: The post is about to be lifted into its holder - see pictures below.

 Right - the new post for the 'new' signal seen from a closer viewpoint, awaiting the fixing of the arm and operating mechanism so it can be worked from lever 32 in the box.
(The existing lattice post signal will be moved elsewhere in the garden and worked from one of our ground frames.)

Far Right - The substantial steel socket made by our members to hold the post to a very large lump of concrete buried in the ground.